Name?: Bethhh. (Well, full name Bethany.. but yeah O_O)

Nickname?: Beth!

IKP Name?: Amber

Generation?: 3 (?)

Age?: 17 (:

Favorite H!P Member?: Risa Niigaki. God damn
loveable beast :’D

What do you like to do in your spare time?: MSN, Sing, Draw, Dance, Cook, Voice act (no shizz), Animation.

What you like most about IKP?: What don’t I like (‘: The members are all pwntastic pro’s, the mixing is always super-duper, and Beth’s mouth goes :O when she sees a new release<33

Top Goal?: Umm.. In IKP, to meet awesome new dubbers who have shit loads in common with me :’D And who are also amazing singers with awesome personalities<3
…In life? o-o Either.. Become a character/costume designer and/or traditional animator for Disney (serious child-hood ambition guys) or to teach English in Tokyo. God. I’m so predictable :’)

Ikp Status: Kaizen Generation 1, Amber
Joining: January 1st 2010