We have had two recent new releases! The debut of Fuantei and the first track to the first single of Bishoujo’s.
I am very proud of the way they both turned out!

SHOCK! was hard on me. After it crashed three times I felt like giving up, but it turned out pretty decently.

I am really proud of all the girls in this! We really did a great job at making SHOCK! a fair and equally coded song!

Next is Iroppoi Jirettai by Morning Musume. GOSH. THIS THING HAS BEEN AROUND FOR TWO MONTHS. I am finally glad we can get it up. It is very lovely.  Rae did an AMAZING job at mixing. NO LIE. I felt like dieing once I heard it.

One thing we both learned is we are NEVER EVER making a group this big EVER again. Unless it’s full project x.x GAH don’t remind me…

Any way, under request of at least 10 people, we are creating a forum. I haven’t found a good site to use yet, I am caught between two. I will figure one out, so you all can look forward to the new forum!