Welcome to IKPDubs, a blog made for IroKokoro Project. My name is Takara (Takii as alot of you call me) and I am the leader of this wonderful new group. What we do is, we dub MANY J-pop songs. From Hello! Project to AKB48 and even more. We dub these in the best way we can, sometimes we try to be professional and work our best, other times we slack off and relax. We are NOT a basic dubbing group. We are unique. We feature singers that are unique, have a big heart (kokoro) and is someone who could help the project.

I often compare myself to Tsunku, the basic lyricist and the founder of Hello! Project. This is COMPLETELY accidental (I don’t want to be compared to an Asian-Michael Jackson looking man). My point is, I try to think, he is the founder of H!P and I am the founder of IKP. I am in charge of Coding and assigning parts which doubles as writing the lyrics. Though composing and Lyric-writing are two totally different things.

Any way, we give everyone a unique name. Not really a name, a color (Iro). The color used to be something that we’d ask the members what color they prefer, but now it’s based on personality. These colors are basically like your unique names in IKP. We call you by it.

Another thing is, we don’t assign people to certain groups. By this I mean we don’t take 5 people and say “You Dub Berryz Koubou,” We believe that everyone should have a chance to dub a song by different group. For example, Lets say you are a member and we assigned you to the Berryz Koubou dubbing unit. We asked you to turn lines in FAST for a quick dub and you don’t know the song. The only reason we assigned you too it was because you wanted to dub one certain song. Another example, lets say you get assigned to Morning Musume dubbing unit. Let’s say you HATE a song by them we have to do and you can’t stand doing it. You try to get over it but you do it and you are off pitch and beat and you refuse to redo.
These examples Might be kinda bad, but my point is, we don’t force anyone to be in a certain group. But we did name each group. This is basically what the title of the single and video will be. Even if different members are in the group.

IroKokoro Project- The name of the  full group
Fuantei— Morning Musume (Ranges 5 to 9 people)
Bishoujo—- Berryz工房 and ℃-ute (Ranges 5- 8 People)
Amai—- Shugo Chara! units and S/mileage (Ranges 3 or 4)
Ransuu—- Misc. Units and Shuffles, Melon Kinenbi (Ranges 2 to 7)
T-en-shi— v-u-den (3)
IKP48—AKB48 (Ranges 5 to 10)
Pinimoni— Tanpopo, Minimoni and Petitmoni. (3 or 4)

The other important thing is we give each generation a random title and Icon.  So far, we have two generations (2nd is casting/hosting auditions). Generation 1 [November 2009] is titled The Royals. Their Icon is ♔. Any time you see ♔ by a members name, they are a Gen. 1 member. Generation 2 [January 2010] is titled The Lovers ❤. Same goes for the Icon. Anytime you see and Icon by a single or song title, it means that they are the ones who dubbed it.

Lastly, IKP give UNIQUE single names to the songs we dub. We dub two or three songs to one single. We name the single after a line in one of the songs. For example, or first single Onna ni Sachi are/Watashi no mirai no danna-sama, is called Rise, Morning Sun. This comes from the Japanese line in Onna ni Sahi are,  Asahi yo Nobore. Translated in English that means: Rise, Morning Sun.

So we are hosting auditions for TWO Lovers ❤. IF you like the way this project sounds, why not follow us? Sub to us? Add us? And Audition ❤