Suki-chan Wednesday, Feb 10 2010 

Amai’s debut single! ūüėÄ
Please enjoy. Sorry for the long wait! Just SO MUCH happened during this and I got behind.

Amai (ÁĒė„ĀĄ)
Single one: Suki-chan
1. Suki-chan („āĻ„ā≠„Ā°„āÉ„āď )- S/mileage
2. Going On!- Guardians 4

Maeda Yuuka- ‚̧Celeste [CocoNStorm]
Ogawa Saki- ‚ôĒLilac [SingingOnDemand]
Fukuda Kanon- ‚̧Amaranth [faraBANG]
Wada Ayaka- ‚̧Amber [bibblebobble629]

Scripting: Takara
Audio Mixing: Takara
PV Mixing: Takara

Download (PLEASE!):


New Release and Forum Monday, Jan 25 2010 

AHHH! Finally, it’s out.

The second track to Bishoujo’s first single, If you hit, ATTACK! came out today, Dakishimete Dakishimete by Berryz Koubou.

Overall I am proud of it. Congrats to our lovely cast!

Next off, after about a month of trying to find ¬†a good Forum board hosting site, I came by one. I went through literally about 10 and one of our members finally¬†recommended¬†a decent board site. The Forum is not finish but you all are welcome to join ¬†any way. We are still working on it, it’s not really close to being done. Just go ahead and join us and chat with us!

Feel free to join!

New Releases Monday, Jan 18 2010 

We have had two recent new releases! The debut of Fuantei and the first track to the first single of Bishoujo’s.
I am very proud of the way they both turned out!

SHOCK! was hard on me. After it crashed three times I felt like giving up, but it turned out pretty decently.

I am really proud of all the girls in this! We really did a great job at making SHOCK! a fair and equally coded song!

Next is Iroppoi Jirettai by Morning Musume. GOSH. THIS THING HAS BEEN AROUND FOR TWO MONTHS. I am finally glad we can get it up. It is very lovely.  Rae did an AMAZING job at mixing. NO LIE. I felt like dieing once I heard it.

One thing we both learned is we are NEVER EVER making a group this big EVER again. Unless it’s full project x.x GAH don’t remind me…

Any way, under request of at least 10 people, we are creating a forum. I haven’t found a good site to use yet, I am caught between two. I will figure one out, so you all can look forward to the new forum!

Long time, No see Monday, Jan 11 2010 

Hey guys.  Long time no blog.

IKP has been sort of dead lately. I haven’t been around to update either. We are just now getting back in and settling in from our sicknesses and our holiday travels. This is going to be a blog FULL of updates.

First of all, singles have been put on hold because of my computer. I am sure all of the members know and some others might know as well. ¬†A little accident¬†happened¬†two weeks ago. Something got thrown at my screen (accidentally) and it cracked. Not just cracked but flipped out. What happened was the inside bulb or whatever exploded and it cracked on the inside shooting out some harsh type of mercury or whatever. I heard that it was cancerous to be around, and that I shouldn’t be around it. So I lost my computer. I tried fixing it myself with my computer nerd skills but it didn’t work. So I was on my own. My parent’s didn’t give a hoot since it was my fault. My father was trying to help but he told me I was old enough to handle it myself. We went to where we bought it and they told us to ship it to the¬†manufacturer. ¬†So while I was in town the following week, I mailed it off. The sad thing is, I am loosing my hard-drive along with this, so bye bye all my hard work. Bye bye a years worth of stories and pictures and memories. I am also loosing my ability to mix with my brand new programs downloaded for mixing. ¬†Take a lookie at my situation:

Really blows, right? Ah it could have been worse. I have been going through a lot lately but thankfully my darling younger sister is allowing me to use her computer. I can’t mix like I used to, in fact I was really working HARD on the past singles we had planned. Before I had the chance to post I lost them all. So now all I have is audacity (not¬†acquitted¬†for mixing the way i’d like) and my sister’s computer. Lilac has ¬†been nice enough to mix many things for me and that I thank her for.

But that’s just to let everyone know the situation.

Next off, I’d love to welcome new members into the project and new kaizen.
Welcome Amaranth to Generation two.
Amber, Carmine, Mint, Teal and Indigo are our lovely members of Kaizen. We are so happy to have you in the project!
The Kaizen single will come out soon, by  the way. It just depends on mixing status. Also two members will be promoted up along with the release of the Kaizen single. Good luck!

Next, our newest single was just released. It is the second mini-single for Bishoujo. Our debut single with three tracks is coming up soon by the way! The mini single was released about a week ago. Really on New Years day (but¬†YouTube¬†and it’s¬†stubborn¬†time differences insists it was on Dec 31 2009). It was mixed by the lovely Lilac again (: She really is sweet! ¬† It’s been a while since she mixed for me. Her first time mixing something for me was a few months ago back with my old project, Midori. Man it seems forever ago! ¬†The song was Munasawagi Scarlet by Berryz Koubou. It is BK’s 12th single.
But I would love you all to comment! I am dying to know what you think of who. We wasn’t trying to sound like Berryz Koubou at ALL but somehow we turned out being voice¬†impersonators.

Support us by watching, ne?
Ah, that pretty much settles the updates! We have a serious of singles coming out soon! Just to let you all know.

Lastly, ¬†I’d like to thank everyone who has been here with me through the death of my uncle, suicide of my cousin and our financial issue. It really means a lot. My father is getting better which is a great thing. I don’t want to loose another loved one. My illness of which i’ve had for four months is going away slowly. I hope to one day be well again and hopefully sing with IKP. Thank you everyone and I hope you continue to support IKP!

-Takara (:

Bishoujo’s Debut Thursday, Dec 10 2009 

I have to Say our unit Bishoujo (Berryz Koubou and C-ute) had a successful Debut.
Edo no Temari Uta II was Bishoujo’s first mini single and Debut.

New Singles Announced/ C\C Sunday, Dec 6 2009 

We have announced some singles:
Full Group
Iroppoi Jirettai (To air within the next week or two)
Fuantei( Morning Musume)
Kimagure Princess– Line Up: Not decided,
Lyrics: Uncoded
Nanchatte Renai – Line Up: Not Decided,
Lyrics: Uncoded
Bishoujo (BerryzŚ∑•śąŅ and ‚ĄÉ-ute)-
Edo no Temari Uta II- Line Up: Decided,
Lyrics: Coded.
Currently Mixing. Lacks 1 line.
Will be released within the next few days.
Munasawagi Scarlet– Line Up: Decided,

Lyrics: Coded,
Unannounced. Will be announced within the next week
FOREVER LOVE– Line Up: Currently Working on,
Lyrics: Coding Currently
Announced Within the next week
Amai (Shugo Chara! units and S/mileage)-
Party Time- Working on

Ransuu (Misc. Units and Shuffles)-
Get Up! Rapper- Working on, Collecting lines.

T-en-shi (v-u-den)-

IKP48 (AKB48)-
River- Been Decided for a while. Not yet announced.

Pinimoni (Tanpopo, Minimoni and Petitmoni)-
Currently Nothing.



Also last week we released C\C (Cinderella Complex)

Introduction and Auditions Monday, Nov 30 2009 

Welcome to IKPDubs, a blog made for IroKokoro Project. My name is Takara (Takii as alot of you call me) and I am the leader of this wonderful new group. What we do is, we dub MANY J-pop songs. From Hello! Project to AKB48 and even more. We dub these in the best way we can, sometimes we try to be professional and work our best, other times we slack off and relax. We are NOT a basic dubbing group. We are unique. We feature singers that are unique, have a big heart (kokoro) and is someone who could help the project.

I often compare myself to Tsunku, the basic¬†lyricist and the founder of Hello! Project. This is¬†COMPLETELY¬†accidental (I don’t want to be compared to an Asian-Michael Jackson looking man). My point is, I try to think, he is the founder of H!P and I am the founder of IKP. I am in charge of Coding and assigning parts which doubles as writing the lyrics. Though composing and Lyric-writing¬†are two totally different things.

Any way, we give everyone a unique name. Not really a name, a color (Iro). The color used to be something that we’d ask the members what color they¬†prefer, but now it’s based on personality. These colors are basically like your unique names in IKP. We call you by it.

Another thing is, we don’t assign people to certain groups. By this I mean we don’t take 5 people and say “You Dub Berryz Koubou,” We believe that everyone should have a chance to dub a song by different group. For example, Lets say you are a member and we¬†assigned¬†you to the Berryz Koubou dubbing unit. We asked you to turn lines in FAST for a quick dub and you don’t know the song. The only reason we assigned you too it was because you wanted to dub one certain song. Another example, lets say you get assigned to Morning Musume dubbing unit. Let’s say you HATE a song by them we have to do and you can’t stand doing it. You try to get over it but you do it and you are off pitch and beat and you refuse to redo.
These examples Might be kinda bad, but my point is, we don’t force anyone to be in a certain group. But we did name each group. This is basically what the title of the single and video will be. Even if different members are in the group.

IroKokoro Project- The name of the  full group
Fuantei— Morning Musume (Ranges 5 to 9 people)
Bishoujo—- BerryzŚ∑•śąŅ and ‚ĄÉ-ute (Ranges 5- 8 People)
Amai—- Shugo Chara! units and S/mileage (Ranges 3 or 4)
Ransuu—- Misc. Units and Shuffles, Melon Kinenbi (Ranges 2 to 7)
T-en-shi— v-u-den (3)
IKP48—AKB48 (Ranges 5 to 10)
Pinimoni— Tanpopo, Minimoni and Petitmoni. (3 or 4)

The other important thing is we give each generation a random title and Icon. ¬†So far, we have two generations (2nd is casting/hosting auditions). Generation 1 [November 2009] is titled The Royals. Their Icon is ‚ôĒ. Any time you see ‚ôĒ by a members name, they are a Gen. 1 member. Generation 2 [January¬†2010] is titled The Lovers ‚̧. Same goes for the Icon. Anytime you see and Icon by a single or song title, it means that they are the ones who dubbed it.

Lastly, IKP give UNIQUE single names to the songs we dub. We dub two or three songs to one single. We name the single after a line in one of the songs. For example, or first single Onna ni Sachi are/Watashi no mirai no danna-sama, is called Rise, Morning Sun. This comes from the Japanese line in Onna ni Sahi are,  Asahi yo Nobore. Translated in English that means: Rise, Morning Sun.

So we are hosting auditions for TWO Lovers ‚̧. IF you like the way this project sounds, why not follow us? Sub to us? Add us? And Audition ‚̧